Important Update on Our Terms to Champion Artists’ Freedom of Expression image

Important Update on Our Terms to Champion Artists’ Freedom of Expression

Written by Remometro Team, 8/25/2023, 12:45:00 PM

Dear Purizu Community,

In our ongoing commitment to fostering a platform that upholds the highest standards of artistic integrity, we've made essential updates to our terms of service. Our primary motive behind this change is to protect the freedom of expression of our talented artists, especially during live performances.

We believe that live performances are unique moments in time, an unfiltered and raw expression of the artist’s vision and emotion. To ensure that this authenticity isn't exploited or misrepresented, we've implemented stricter guidelines regarding the recording and use of our content.

If you've enjoyed watching or listening to content on our platform, be it on our website, app, or any related infrastructure, we kindly remind you of our updated policy: unless the content is officially archived and made publicly available on third-party platforms with our explicit consent, recording or using it for any purpose is strictly prohibited.

Artists choose Purizu because of the trust and respect we offer. By adhering to these terms, you are not only supporting our platform but also championing the countless artists who bare their souls for our enjoyment.

We thank you for your understanding, respect, and unwavering support for the arts. Together, let's continue to create a space where artists feel free, empowered, and celebrated.

Warm regards,

The Purizu Team

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