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Maxwell Simons (R) [2022-11-24]

Artists: Maxwell Simons

Maxwell Simons, electronic producer half Italian half Brazilian, has taken up a wide variety of genres since a very young age: from baile funk to Detroit techno and hard house to hip hop. He soon connected his passion for music to electronic production and started practicing with synths and gears becoming a popular DJ among the local community.

After some years being busy on the scene, playing parties and live shows, the artist decided to study sound engineering at university, refining his practice and expanding his tastes to bass, industrial and rap.

The artist is very interested in both analog and digital techniques, experimenting with samples, filed recordings and either live or virtual instruments. Strong editing skills coming from his job inside tv studios make the difference in manipulating rap vocals and chopping beats.

The results are incredibly futuristic and audacious creations often filtered through graphic imageries that turn sound into an immersive cinematic experience.

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