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Charlly Roger (R) [2022-12-12]

Artists: Charlly Roger

There's no way to build a successful career other than dedicating yourself completely, body and soul, to your dream, and Charlly Roger loves every moment of it.

Hours spent locating and selecting the right music, hours spent planning the structure of the night, and then hours spent putting them into action. Charlly Roger has the ability to combine vision with competence, daring and sophistication. Sometimes slow, sometimes more intense, he works his sets down to the smallest detail to find the perfect way to transform moments shared with the audience into unforgettable experiences.

In times of “more of the same”, he fully lives his authenticity and leaves a little of himself and his passion for music and work in each track.

Restless, persistent, competent, Charlly Roger is always more than happy to spend all his time in his evenings because he takes his profession seriously. And that's exactly what matters most to him. That's the mission he embarked on, with no end in sight.

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